W, A, S, D: Move
Left Click: Pick up / Throw
Right Click: Drop
R: Reset items

Find a way to adjust the settings to meet the requirements in the "Settings" window on the right. Pick items up and play around with them (throw them at the window edges!) to figure out what they do.

You can move the Settings and Score windows if they get in the way.

GMTK Jam 2023   |   Theme: Roles Reversed 

How does this fit the theme?
The settings don't adjust the game, the game adjusts the settings.

Remember those weird desktop games from back in the early/mid 2000's, the ones where you smash up the screen and light things on fire? Well this isn't one of those.. Not quite, anyway!
You know how games generally have a collection of adjustable settings that allow players to fine tune their experience? Well this doesn't have that either, quite the opposite in fact. 
Featuring 10 levels with a golf-like score system that has you match the required settings in as low moves as possible!

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker


Tools for Fools (WIn).zip 47 MB


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The game's hard but fun!

this run is very optimized. i doubt anyone could do better.

i got a 23

8 is too hard

but i finish the game

I loved this small game! Shame I found it after the jam had ended, I got a score of 37 on my first playthrough but I royally messed up levels 7 and 8, taking me 5 and 13 moves respectively.

managed to do it in 19. if i played a little more skillfully i could probably do it in less.

How'd you get 0 on 3

a magician never reveals his secrets.

tell me


fine. i'll give you a hint. it's not like anyone will beat me anyways. the hint is right click is used. it doesn't increase the counter.

22 moves let's go!

also pretty cool game 👍

this is very fun and creative! I'd give it a mention if  I was gmtk

I've included Tools for Fools at 1:40:14 in a video covering the GMTK Game Jam.

I finished in 47 moves on my first try. I quite like the Windows XP theme, as well as the creativity with this game!

Done in 59 moves! Pretty cool experience

This was so cosy! Smart take too!