LUCID is a Point & Click / Top-down hybrid adventure about a young kid in a very bizarre world of odd characters and even weirder happenings.


How to Play

WASD / Arrow keys - Move
Left Mouse Button - Interact
Right Mouse Button - Unequip

Use the cursor to highlight objects and characters, left click on them to interact. When the cursor displays a blue X, this means you're not close enough to the target and must move closer before interacting.



Design, Art, Sound & Code:
Case Portman

By The Butterfly -
David Kerkhoff

Extra Music/SFX:
Miguel Lopez -

Emily Quinn -

LUCID was made for Adventure Jam 2023 in the timeframe of 2 weeks.

Made with Gamemaker.



(Many of these can be done in any order, this is just a rough guideline if you need a nudge in the right direction)

  1. Speak with Roya to obtain the Midnight Snack
  2. Give Midnight Snack to Bus and acquire Teleport Thoughts (speak with Ballook for instructions)
  3. Speak with Mr. Dreebus
  4. Purchase Marbles from Zag (for 6 stars)
  5. Use Marbles halfway round Bell’s path (opposite the race line) 
  6. Speak with Mr. Dreebus to acquire Fuzzlamp (Dead)
  7. Use Fuzzlamp (Dead) on Aislin to start his next quest
  8. Purchase Battery from Zag (for 2 stars) - Combine with Fuzzlamp(Dead)
  9. Speak with Aislin with empty hand for tips on how to use Fuzzlamp
  10. Gather Info from the Fuzz Entity
  11. Find the Large Stone and Branch - then combine
  12. Use Mallet to play the right chimes and destroy the fuzz
  13. Collect the Rusty Screw from the grey chime
  14. Give Rusty Screw to Roya in exchange for Screw
  15. With the entity destroyed, talk to Belle and have her follow you
  16. Speak with Choggers and acquire Soap
  17. Return Belle to her brother, Bell. Acquire Bells
  18. Give Soap to Aislin and acquire “Legs?”
  19. Take Bells, Screw and “Legs?” to the starting area and insert them.
  20. Speak with Lurd.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
TagsAbstract, Characters, Dreams, Point & Click, Top-Down, weird


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Nice game made me smile :)


Great game!  I liked that clearing the Fuzz had such a large impact on the world.  The balance on the puzzles felt good too.  Great job!


Great game love the characters and the puzzles also made sense to me too :) 


This was quite good. Great atmosphere and all the puzzles made sense. Very well done.