A new update to chew on!

Firstly I'd like to say congratulations and well done to all the participants of #GBJAM 2019. I loved every minute of not only making my own game but playing and rating all the other submissions. There were so many incredible games!! Also a big thanks to Retroshark and 7Soul for hosting this super fun event.

As for Gum Girl coming 2nd place overall, I'm over the moon! You guys are incredibly kind and the feedback you've left has been excellent. I always take on board what people have to suggest and critique and it helps build better quality creations in the future, so thanks again!

Here's a few small updates to the game itself:
-Better chewing/bubble recall
When Gum Girl chews to recover bubbles, she know longer has to stand still so you can continue running whilst recalling them if you wish. This keep the game at it's intended pace and no longer halts it for a second or so every few seconds. I've also cut the time it takes to recover bubbles too so it's even quicker!

-Added heart pick ups
These were supposed to be in the game since I submitted but I was so flustered by the last hours I completely forgot! Now you can recover health by picking hearts up, nice!


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Sep 01, 2019
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Sep 01, 2019

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