WASD/Arrow Keys: Move
Z/K: Attack

A: Jump 
X: Attack

Find your way through the casino gauntlet and bring the never-ending gambling nightmare to a halt forever!! ...Or until you become addicted once again.

Music by Joel C (@lenkalamari)

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(40 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
TagsDice, Difficult, Dungeon Crawler, party-game, Roguelike, Traps, Turn-based Strategy


Crypt o' Casino.zip 37 MB


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so i died in a coin minigame but didn't game over.

and am now sophlocked! time to reload.


love the game !


What font is this? It looks cool!

well, awesome game! while the player is mostly at the mercy of the RNG, some skill is all it takes to win any game! the experience is simply great. there could have been more rooms for more replayability.. (i played the web ver so i dont know if the downloadable ver is more expanded)


Awesome game! I'd definetely play an expanded version of this concept.

i beated the boss and compleated the game! enjoyed it alot! make a locked door in the boss s room that will let you beat the game in a hard ending and you get the key from unknown place in the first room you go to!

I would have enjoyed a hard mode, though.

Made a video


I would gladly buy a full version of this with different stages and boss fights!

I had hoped to get a damage increase powerup but did get 2 jumps, 2 range and 2 HP increases...

That's good to hear, thank you!
Damage ups are in the game so hopefully next run you'll get lucky!

well, thats RNG's fault. i only got offensive upgrades and set dies.

you probably need to update the game and add a restart button cause it's annoying refreshing the web page everytime i die,Overall it's really neat concept i loved the randomness and the feel of nostalgia i really recommend trying it.

You got that right, unfortunately due to the time constraints of the jam I struggled with restarting the game (it wasn't so simple!). After the jam voting has ended I'll update it!

totally understandable sorry for the complains ):

Animation is great, and gameplay seems nice, but the rapid flashing was too much for me, sorry!! Please consider options to remove flashing colour like this, as it can prompt seizures.

Thanks for the kind words! I'll definitely look into the flashing, thanks for bringing that up!


This game is sick.

Can we get a level editor tho?


Thank you! We'll have to see what the future brings but that's not a bad idea!

I personally feel like a game is twice as good if it has a level editor.

I was on my computer for about half an hour and after that half an hour of vice i said "...Woow"

Deleted post

This is more of a prototype / jam game, I'll more likely pick this up in the future and expand on it!

Very impressive ! Nice work !

Thank you!

Such a cool idea. I think you should add some sounds and a tutorial and you're good to go!

Do the sounds not play for you? There are definitely sounds in there along with a full music track too! As for the tutorial, I'll be sure to include something similar in a future build.

I LOVE It! it is so creative and fun and I can't stop playing it. I would love to see future updates. The music fits so well. In the future it would be nice if E or Q also was attack as z is a bit awkward to reach.

Thanks Mattman, yeah more control options / customizable inputs will be a thing in the future, thanks for the feedback!

This game is so addictive. Thumbs up!

Thanks dude!! 

Nice game but why you don't add play again button? 

I'd think he ran out of time. He sacrificed that functionality in order to finish I guess.

Yep, exactly this! I had trouble with the game restarting, lots of things bugged it out. I was very tired.

nice game!

I had lots of fun! Very cute how all the enemies were themed.

I like the tiles you made for the crypty setting.

Thanks Lumpy!!