Updates and more (Now browser playable!)

Hey guys. After taking a ton of feedback from all you lovely people I've put together a post-jam version of DETHRONE. 

Updated features include:
-Browser playable! 
-More control options (A lot of people requested up/w/space bar to jump so I've added all three!
-Less time stuck to walls with the wall jump.
-Slightly higher jump height makes for cleaner jumps less accidental falls when jumping up to a platform.
-Added a new level towards the latter end to level out the difficulty curve a little more.
-Quick restart (By holding R or BACK on the controller).
-Added a timer for you speedy people!
-Mute button.
-General optimisations for smoother play on slower machines.

Thanks for all your great feedback during the Jam, I learned a lot and I'm definitely going to join more jams in the future!

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